Relief India Trust Exemplifies The Role Of NGOs in India

Most of the NGOs in the world are focused on changing the lives of the less privileged by alleviating pain, inequality and suffering among other things. Many countries of the world are still struggling with the basic problems of poverty and disparity between the rich and the poor. In such countries, NGOs play a very crucial role in bridging the gap so as to have a more or less equal society for all citizens. India is no exception in this case; with poverty hitting the ceiling and many people suffering while others are having the most perfect life. Through Relief India Trust and other NGOs, the gap is slowly but surely closing as the affluent sections of the society are encouraged to give for the sake of those who do not have so as to alleviate poverty and other problems that come along with it. By organizing for both online and offline donations, Relief India has managed to appeal to all interested donors with a heart to give. By the way, the donations are tax exempted.
Relief India Trust is a social welfare organization in India like no other. This is due to the fact that it has organized for various programs and schemes intended to improve and change the quality of life for many. To start with, the midday meal program organized across the country in major poverty and hunger stricken areas has greatly enabled people to live a better life. Today, millions of school going children are benefiting from this program, thus keeping them in school. Who can really deny the importance of Relief India Trust among other NGOs? Being a non-profit organization fully relying on donors’ good will and grants from the government, you can be assured that your donation never goes to waste at any single time.
The role of Relief India Trust is actually that of philanthropic work aimed at improving the quality of life in the society. The vision of the organization is to see no child deprived of their rights to education, proper health care and other basic necessities, equality amongst all citizens and seeing everybody live a better life free from hunger and diseases among other vices.
So far, the Relief India Trust has actually managed to achieve a lot, thanks to the support of the willing public. The midday meal program, health checkup camps, care for the disabled and elderly among other schemes have made this trust to be renowned for their efforts that are focused on changing the lives of the less privileged. An all round thinking of the trust defines the role it plays in improving the quality of life for all people in the society. The trust works hard on a daily basis to impact on the lives of people by reaching more each day.
In order to help the Relief India Trust achieve its goals and help sustain the change, it needs the support of everyone affluent and willing to donate to charity for the sake of the less privileged in the society. Through your support, the Relief India Trust NGO may go a long way to changing the lives of millions of Indians suffering in poverty among other problems.

Relief India Trust and disaster management

The term disaster management deals with the policies, planning and devising strategies to mitigate the aftermaths of disasters and natural calamities. The underprivileged class bears the major destruction resulted from natural as well as unnatural disasters. Floods, drought, and earthquake play havoc with the physical resources of poor communities. Thousands of people in India are killed every year by natural disasters of catastrophic proportion. It is not humanly possible to completely avoid natural calamities. Millions of lives are affected badly in facing the consequences of catastrophes.  However, there are certain measures which must be taken to lessen the miseries of the people. Relief India Trust Review, being a social welfare organization, never misses a chance to serve humanity. It helps affected communities in many ways:

  • Establishment of camps
  • Provision of food and health aids to the affected places
  • Emergency evacuation programs
  • Financial assistance to rebuild houses

Role of volunteers in disaster management:

The Relief India Trust welcomes every individual to join the Trust as a volunteer. It provides proper training to volunteers in order to make them capable of helping people in an efficient way. Well trained groups of volunteers work as a potent force to mitigate the miseries and sufferings of people. There are some major activities of volunteers that can be mentioned:

  • Fundraising
  • Teams of doctors to help injured people
  • Helping people in the evacuation process
  • Coordination with other organizations and government

The role of volunteers cannot be undermined in a country like India, which is considered as the world’s most disaster prone regions. Disaster affected areas demand a great number of manpower to evacuate people from danger zones. A well trained and equipped team of individuals is inevitable to handle the complex situation. The Relief India Trust successfully prepared hundreds of volunteers to organize food camps and initial health aid at places where it’s difficult to reach and provide basic facilities. Coordination becomes an important factor in rescue related work.

The immense role of Relief India Trust NGO in the betterment of society makes it one of the leading social welfare organizations in India. It addresses a variety of complicated issues of common people. Whether it is health, education or disaster management, Relief India Trust has always stepped forward to be a helping hand. It raises funds from all over the country to run its welfare programs. Moreover, it involves common people in its activities to strengthen the movement against human sufferings, ignorance and diseases. It is a platform people can trust. In times of disasters lot of people, who intend to help affected people, donate to the Trust so that their donation can be utilized in an efficient way. There are so many so-called social welfare organizations in India which work only for the sake of their own interest.

The Relief India Trust has proved its credibility as an organization purely working to uplift the underprivileged. It is a hope of people suffering hunger, disasters, ignorance, diseases and hopelessness. So many lives have been changed by the sincere efforts by the Trust in every walk of life.

Relief India Trust- Providing Rehabilitation For Disabled And Handicapped People In The Society

There are several health problems facing many people in the society and disability is one of the common health issue in many developing regions of India. The physical aspect of life involves fitness of all body parts whereby the loss of a single functional capacity renders one disabled. The impairment comes with several consequences which are often regarded as a disadvantage for any normal being. This condition may prevent the affected from fulfilling their roles as normal people. The various examples of physical disability include disabilities of speech, hearing, mental and physical. The problems facing these groups of people may even get worse in the future with the increase in non-communicable diseases and reduced life expectancy. Most of the disabled individuals live in a dejected condition in less developed places where access to the necessary amenities like health care is scarce.
Relief India Trust- Providing Rehabilitation For Disabled And Handicapped People In The Society
The society as a whole has the handicapped cases as its role. Research on disability needs to be done from time to time so that the right measures can be taken to ensure the special group also gets a quality standard of living like other normal people in the society. The government has tried a lot but still no proper intervention plan has been initiated to look into the affairs of these people in the society. Relief India Trust NGO is working in this field of rehabilitation of the disabled and handicapped individuals. The trust seeks to promote and improve the quality of life for the physically disabled individuals through provision of free disability checkups, treatment and promoting a healthy living for all members in the society.

Some individuals have found themselves in the difficult situation because of lack of proper medical care during birth. Some have been rendered handicapped as a result of preventable diseases like polio that attack children at an early age. Relief India Trust thus offers to provide all children under the age of five with the polio treatment vaccine, other medical services, opening schools for the mentally retarded children, taking care of children from needy families and promoting a healthy living for the general public. The organization goes forth to help the disabled by fighting for their rights and their rightful place in the society.

All the resources used in carrying out the various roles are obtained from willing individuals, corporations, the government and other countries. Through these services, the handicapped and disabled are made to feel whole again and equally important in the society. The trust has made a huge difference in its roles it plays that are tailored towards the main cause. By providing free services to the special group of children, the Relief India Trust is the best NGO to consider for donation so that you can have your money spent in the best way.
Through the engagement Relief India Trust NGO has had in different social, medical and educational services for the less privileged, it is now possible for the disabled and handicapped to live a happy and normal life. Many of the deaf, blind and disabled individuals are self dependent as a result of the rehabilitation process, thanks to RIT.

Relief India Trust- Providing Food To End Hunger In India

The truth is that there is enough food across the world to help feed all people, but making it accessible to everybody is the lifetime challenge facing many communities in India and across the world. India government is putting such issues as poverty, illiteracy and hunger on priority as it strives to improve the economic status of the country and ultimately become the world superpower it intends to become. Providing food to school going children in the midday meal campaign is a great incentive to more enrollments and concentration of students in various schools across the country. It is this single act that offers a solution to the three challenges facing many countries across the world. Many children are subjected to forced labor under very harsh conditions because they want to have something to fill their stomachs. With the tasty, wholesome meals provided to schools, children now have a chance to complete their education, become literate, and get better paying jobs to sustain themselves and their families and thereby getting rid of poverty.

According to various research studies, millions of children in India are underweight due to lack of food. This deprives the children of their happiness and joy or even a chance to concentrate in class. Through the midday meal campaign, many children are satisfied and motivated to pay attention while learning. Children’s health is crucial and supporting this campaign is a noble idea for anybody with a good heart towards the needy children who make the dependable future generation. This noble cause should be taken up by everybody in the society in order to eliminate poverty and hunger among other challenges.

It is the idea of Relief India Trust and other like minded NGOs across the world that today we have the World Food Day where all communities are encouraged to donate and kept aware of the hunger problem looming the entire world. During this day, the public awareness is increasing concerning this issue and bringing all people together to fight the challenges of hunger, malnutrition and poverty among others.
The fight against these problems is a solidarity act of willing individuals across the world. The challenge of making food accessible to all children, men and women can be avoided by mobilizing those with enough to share with those who do not have. Donating food to eliminate hunger from India is a cause meant to improve the quality of health and life for the less privileged and needy in the society. It is through this program that many children in India today get empowered with education which they use to sustain themselves and their families.

Take a step today to end hunger by donating whatever little you have to Relief India Trust NGO and promote education for all children in India and other parts of the world. For the sake of preserving the future generation, India needs all children educated and that starts with your single effort. Give your hand in this!

Relief India Trust- scope of education NGO

Uplifting people’s lives is the sole aim of any NGO today. In India, there are many of this kind and Relief India Trust comes out as one of the most renowned child NGO. Through the trust, many people more especially the children, youth, women, elderly and disabled have become aware of their rights. Despite the efforts by the central government, it is true that very few can be achieved, but with the help of NGOs soon things are going to be on track. Through the voice of NGOs like Relief India Trust, the relevant authorities are put to task to ensure everything is handled in the best way possible.
Poverty alleviation has always remained a top agenda in the government policies, but still little has been achieved. Through education of the young generation, the Relief India Trust NGO is fighting this vice and aiming to deliver the best services to all people in the society. Education has allowed many members in the society get out of their vicious cycle of poverty by securing better paying jobs which they depend on to uplift their lives and those of their family members.
Children are now able to access education at any place across India, thanks to the Relief India Trust among other education NGOs. Schools have been set up across the country for the children to attend, more especially the less privileged and the poor. Street and slum children no longer face the challenge of lack of schools within their locality. A lot of resources have been invested in setting up of standard schools in most of the marginalized areas so that children in these areas can also access education which is necessary in the present day.
Supply of learning materials such as books, writing materials and others is also another way through which Relief India Trust has enhanced quality education within India and the rest of the world. Many children were usually forced to drop out of school due to lack of such materials but this is no more.
Feeding school going children has done miracles in advancing education for many children in India. Quite often, children dropped out of school to join hands with other members in the family to work so that they can sustain themselves. In fact, through this initiative enrollment has been boosted and concentration of students gone up. So far, the Relief India Trust has managed to feed millions of children across India so as to boost their education while in school.
School going children across India have been given an opportunity through various NGOs to complete their education and secure better paying jobs. Some families have even got a financial boost from the Relief India Trust so as to send their children to school. Education is often referred to as the key to a better life. The trust believes in this and thus works hard to ensure all children get the precious need. You may join hands today with the Relief India Trust and send a needy child to school. Your contribution is crucial in advancing this process.

Relief India Trust- Opening The Doors For Poor Children Through Education

After China, India comes second as the largest country across the world. Being a populous country, there are many challenges facing the citizens despite the efforts by the government to provide the best services to all people. For instance, today India has quite a number of schools, both public and private to offer education to children, but this is not the case with all children. There are many children not going to school simply due to lack of basic requirements like the educational materials such as books, pencils, markers, bags and uniforms among others.

Relief india trust-Non Profit Organization

Education is known as the only vicious cycle of poverty breaker, thus the only way to improve one’s and others’ lives in the society. Poverty witnessed in India is simply as a result of lack of education. In order to get rid of this poverty, education is paramount and crucial. Indian government with the help of various NGOs like Relief India Trust is working to improve the literacy level in the country. Being a world effort to alleviate poverty and suffering associated with it, charity for education is critical, so as to bring more and more children to school, which will later improve the quality of life for the children and their immediate families which together boost the society’s development as a whole.

Donating to Relief India Trust Ngo will make a big difference in the education of many children across India and the world in general. A bigger percentage of the contributions and donations made to the trust are used in supporting education for needy and underprivileged children in the country. Your few contributions will go a long way to helping the children with the crucial education and changing their lives in the end.

This trust is ensuring access to quality education by all poor and disabled people in the society. Providing a favorable environment while in school is also critical for all the children to get quality skills learnt in school. Talent nurturing and making the children realize their potential is the sole purpose of the schools set up by RIT. The Relief India Trust believes that empowering needy children with education is the way to get rid of poverty in the society. Through various campaigns aimed at boosting education, promoting health care, self reliance and environmental conservation among others, the trust has realized a lot of changes in the general lifestyle for many people across the country.

For social economic development of the country, RIT ensures that the education sector is given the first priority by setting up schools in the villages, slums and other marginalized areas to target the poor children who want to gain education. Provision of scholarships to exemplary students from needy backgrounds also promotes education for the needy children across the country. It is everybody’s responsibility to support the needy individuals and share the pain with the suffering. The Relief India Trust ensures this through the establishment of various humanity campaigns and schemes. Be part of the change; ensure better quality life for all people in the society through RIT.

Relief India Trust: Uplifting moral standards

Morality is generally considered as the ability to differentiate what is wrong and what is right. It is inevitable to educate individuals to develop a sense of concern for others. A prosperous society cannot be built on pseudo values and practices. The decline of moral values in Indian society is quite evident; denial of ethical obligations is rampant. Progress in economic and political environment entirely depends upon the moral health of any society. As a builder of a healthy society, the Relief India Trust has been playing a vital role in uplifting the moral standards in India. Poverty mainly is a consequence of lack of or complete absence of morals in economic activities. Exploitation of labor force by industrialists makes it excessively difficult for poor people to fulfill their basic needs.

Relief India Trust-Donation for Cancer Patients

Endeavors of the Relief India Trust:

Relief India Trust educate society on many issues in order to eliminate corruption, socioeconomic exploitation of the disadvantaged, double standard education system, diseases and poverty. It strongly emphasizes upon the teaching of moral values and that it must be an inseparable part of the education system. The Relief India Trust is widely considered as a potent movement to address the issue of moral bankruptcy. These are some efforts by the Trust to restore the ethics:

  • Elimination of biased and double standards in education
  • An advocate of social and economic equality
  • Focusing both on physical as well as mental health of individuals

Lust for power and money in individuals make society vulnerable to social and economic injustices. Accumulation of wealth in few hands damages the overall structure of a society. It widens the gap between the have and the have-nots generally, it is considered the obligation of the state to impose and restore ethics in the citizens. However, the corrupt political structure in India rather promotes and encourages morally unhealthy practices. Corruption is rampant in every walk of life. Relief India trust commences awareness camps and tries to promote the message of equal educational privileges for both rich and poor classes. It actively criticizes the flawed policies and irregularities of government.

Political awareness in individuals:

The role of Relief India Trust Review is not limited to education and health. Volunteers attached with the Relief India Trust organize seminar and awareness camps to educate ignorant people on political matters. It educates people on the strength of the masses and how they can use the right to vote in an appropriate way to bring a positive change in the society. Democracy is of no use if a major portion of the population is ignorant of their rights and obligations. Morally bankrupt people cannot choose the honest rulers. Only awareness and education can make democracy more fruitful for socially, economically backward communities. Therefore, the role of Relief India Trust has been widely acknowledged. The trust has been fighting comprehensively to uplift the social standards in India. The number of programs like educating the disabled children and providing them proper health care can be cited to back the sincere efforts of the Relief India Trust. It is advisable that individuals and groups should come forward to join the cause of the \trust to help India prosper.