Organ donation can help someone live longer

The team of doctors who undertook the transplant activity said Lucknow had everything needed to become one of India’s biggest organ transplant centres. One simply needs to join the dots. This means that if all patients were utilised, there would be no wait-list for organs. Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute is all set to start its trauma centre which may also offer such facilities and with right counseling there may be no dearth of donors.

Taking the lead: Transplants are the most miraculous achievement of modern medicine, but they depend entirely on the generosity of donors and their families who are willing to make this life saving gift to others. “Making people realise the importance of organ donation is not impossible. When people come forward for donation of the body, why can’t they be convinced at an earlier stage?”. Western countries offer certain incentives are given to those who come forward for organ donation. “In some places, the medical bills of the donor patient are waived off while some others sponsor free transportation and last rites,”. Awareness and sensitisation programmes can play an important role here. They are equally important for clearing myths and doubts. A common myth is that the body would be badly mutilated in case it goes for organ donation, but it is not so. The body isn’t mutilated though it looks like it has undergone post-mortem.

Developing auxiliary infrastructure and system: The first step towards developing a system is in place in the form of relevant laws. Primary infrastructure is also in place and is being developed.

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Ability Given To the Disabled by Relief Trust India

There are many people in India and across the world with various disabilities that render them unproductive in the society. However, this does not mean they are useless and that this is the end for them. Relief Trust India always works with one principle to help such individuals reach their potential; “Disability is not inability”. The trust, thus guarantees a categorical distribution of resources and services to this special group of people in the society. It does not matter how vulnerable this group is in the society. What Relief India Trust believes is that the group is as well important part of the society just like normal people around. Relief Trust India, thus takes part in rolling out the following services to this group of people in the society

Provision of special education

This entails offering of free medical consultation to the physically and mentally disabled either at home or at special school. The victims are taught to understand their condition, their special needs and what they can do to improve and eventually achieve their full potential. They are also made to accept their condition and thus accepting their place in the society. There are many challenges facing this group and thus they should be made to understand how to handle various situations in their lives to overcome the challenges facing them.


This is a type of treatment that has helped many disabled individuals regain control of their lives. It is practiced by professionals hired by relief Trust India to ensure that the disabled also get a chance to serve the society like any other normal person. The process is quite effective for the patients to regain their motor muscular control and alleviate any pain due to the disorientation of the nervous system.

Occupational therapy

The main goal or objective of Relief Trust India is to improve the quality of life for all by promoting health and productivity among the needy and less privileged members of society. Through this therapy, a team of professionals have managed to teach patients with various skills to enable them become more productive in the society and above all help lead a more fulfilled life.

Speech and language therapy

Communication is a crucial and fundamental requirement for all human beings. Passing and receiving information is actually essential for anybody to lead a positive life. Through Relief Trust India speech and language therapy to preadolescent children, it enables them to communicate effectively. Relief Trust India also partners with other organizations, including schools and hospitals to help teach special patients in sign language to the dumb and mute among others. The blind are also not left behind as special equipment is provided to enable them learn to read and write as they go through training that will see the become productive in the society.

Objectives of Relief India Trust

Relief India trust came into existence with a clear aim and has successfully achieved its objectives of serving people with its ultimate services. As we talk about the objectives of a welfare organization it must be noted that the first thing which holds significant importance is that the trust should work without considering self interest and shall solely work fur the well being of humanity by eradicating the major social problems with which our society is mostly suffering with. These social issues put drastic effects on the living style of people and affect the diversity and humanity. Such problems must be eradicated.
Relief India Trust help and assist to eliminate the anguish and agony that is the after effect of riots, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, famines, wars fires. We help to make the society strong and to tone down the sufferings of victimized people and other tragedies. And for this we give those financial help and support to make them live a normal lifestyle. With this article we give you a brief of what actually are we meant for, our objectives, aims and missions that we target through this trust

Aims of Relief India Trust
We are well aware of our objectives and with intense hard work; we have been successfully achieving the goals of serving people to the fullest Across India we provide our widely ranging services to the deprived people. This not only increases the living standards hut also helps to eradicate multiple social crimes that are horn when people does not get their requirements fulfilled.
The major objective of the Relief India Trust is to ensure the relief of needy people by taking necessary actions for carrying the rehabilitation after the natural catastrophes and disasters. These measures help the victims of such tragedies to live a standard life even after lacing the calamities. The proficient social service providers at Relief India Trust give you the guarantee of lessening the problems of sufferers.
As we look around, it is a mere fact that many of the crimes are initiated by the slums and other poor people who do not have any other choice than committing the crimes to be out from the deprived lives. We aim at alleviating such situations and give assistance to such dejected and depressed people.

Role of Relief India Trust in the Society
Our role in the society is quite visible, our selfless services help the needy people. We play a vital role in giving necessary information to the people about the fatal diseases like cancer, HIV, AIDS which is most common and is spreading mostly because of lack of awareness among people. We target at eradicating the spread of such diseases by arranging camps in several parts of the country.
We educate the slums. street children and poor people by giving them free education at the schools formed by our organization and distributing free hooks of all levels among them.
We target to remove the miseries of victimized people by giving them food, medicine and other basic facilities that are required to live an esteemed life.

The Gifted Hands of Relief India Trust

Sorrow calls for aid and tenderness and not curiosity- Loving tenderness of those familiar with the suffering, the cause and the possible solutions and they are willing and able to give it unreservedly. Such is the medical team by the relief India trust.
What make these wonderful individuals extraordinary is their compassion, modesty, and sensitivity. Compassion is the understanding of the suffering of the patients these media encounter, that moves them to action, all else put aside to make sure the patients get the best. In forgetting themselves entirely in the sorrows of others, they emancipate others from the very sorrow and suffering. The modesty and work ethic makes them effective in every case they handle. Sensitivity to the special needs of the patients at required times makes it even more possible to deal with the challenges. These values apparently are the epitome and the fundamental principles of the Relief India Trust organization service delivery. It is the only way in this course that can really prevail.
Love, faith and hard work overcome seemingly impossible odds that are a reality in this line of work. The love that the medical personnel have for their work and the individuals they treat is their motivation and driving force. The feeling that this honor is brought to them by the Giver of life, they draw their faith that the giver of life is also the giver of their skill and thus they+ work selflessly and tirelessly for that very honor.
Much has been achieved by the Relief India Trust through this team. Organ donations have become effective and streamline activity. The team, which is growing in number makes sure organs, is available, the patients are prepared properly and that the transplants are successful. These doctors make sure that there is a good donor recipient relationship and understanding by creating a good environment for the whole exercise. More people have been sensitized on the importance of organ donation and receipt.
Medical milestones have been achieved by bridging the gap between the doctor and the patient. Those treated have their progress monitored, response to medication is checked and counseling is given where necessary. This is through building of trust and creating a friendly environment for the patient doctor relationship. More and more people have understood and appreciated the importance of seeking medical help and shunning traditional beliefs about the disease.

Relief India Trust: Enhancing the civil society’s role!

A billion trusts run in India claiming to provide better lives to the poor. But not every Trust carries the urge to utterly change the society. It’s like a general decree, something we all follow, that we are all selfish beings at some level. Our selfishness constraints may be broadened but from the inside, all of us are self-centered. It’s rightly said that no matter what we breed, we still are made of greed. It’s most unfortunate to state, but it is fact that some of the so called relief trusts work merely for publicity and fame. They don’t acquire any love for mankind or for the poor societies, but the only thing they acquire is greed: greed of money, lame and popularity. Even if they do collect donations for the purpose of helping the needy, they never spend the money in a righteous way If someone genuinely dreams to maintain the society’s status, there are a number of requirements he necessitates tracking;

1. Realize the importance of an educated society.
2. Figure out the core hurdle in developing a civilized culture.
3. Remove the difference between classes.

Above mentioned are some of the basic essentials for evolving a sophisticated society. This task doesn’t need a miracle to be accomplished: neither a revolutionary campaigning is needed. But it only takes the purity of heart and firm determination to build a better society.
A non-profit organization, the Relief India Trust is an exceptional relief trust that helps regenerating livers. The trust realizes the importance of an educated society and follows the basic rules of faith, unity and determination. They have put their major emphasis on education and providing awareness to the poor and not just in collecting funds. Professional doctors are hired for the purpose of providing medical facilities and disease awareness campaigns for the uneducated. The trainees and volunteers at the Relief India Trust work solely for the improvement of the poor’s lives. They are not paid for what they do for the needy but their only ambition is to enhance the civil society’s role. Relief India Trust doesn’t aim to give money to some poor families and that’s it. But they aim to change the whole society. They aim to make the children rule the country. They aim to provide them the perfect education any parent could wish for their children. They have implemented various schemes for the welfare of women in Indian society. The purpose in doing so is just to make women realize their importance and encourage them to earn big names, globally.
You might have an idea by now that the Relief India Trust is the organization that helps reshape not just lives, but societies. They aim for India to gain a reputation all around the world. They aim to set an example for the whole world that unity leads a country to heights! They aim to set an example that Relief India Trust struggled and actually safeguarded the environment at global level!

Relief India Trust for disabled children

Here we are talking about abuse or neglecting disabled children.

Disability does not mean weak. There are a lot of examples who proves that a disabled person can do many thing that a normal one can’t. And most importantly they have proved their ability to survive in their life. Though we thinks that they can’t do anything and watch them like useless things on earth. Parents keep them under the walls of home and restricts to literate.

Relief India Trust works for these disabled children. The NGO works for betterment of their future through rehabilitation centers for disabled children, providing them special education etc.

Arrangement of Camps by Relief India Trust

Relief India Trust specializes in providing the needy people with every basic need which they require, and not only the fulfillment of the fundamental requirements is given to the needy people but we also put our efforts in giving awareness to the people about multiple social causes with the help of arranging camps for them. The camps that we arrange are as follows:

Disability Check up Camps: Mostly the slums and extremely poor people living in the rural areas are not sentient of how they can get the help in case of need. For such area of society, we arrange a disability check up camp, through which we provide our expert advisers and therapies regarding the mental and physical conditions of children and adults.

Organ Donation awareness Camps: Organ donation is certainly worthwhile and can save the lives of many people around you. An organ donated to a needy person can give you lots of prayers and wishes as you save someone’s life. Our social welfare organization arranges several camps to bring awareness among people regarding this social cause. At quite reasonable prices, we organize these camps to put forward the message of saving the precious lives of the people around you through the organ donation.

Children Health Check up Camps: The team of professional experts belonging to the Relief India Trust puts their efforts by checking the health conditions of many children. The purpose of organizing the children health check up camps is to give necessary guidance to the parents and guardians of the children along with their health checkups.

Blood Donation Camp: The supply of blood must be done with great care as if the organization provides unhealthy or diseased blood; it could be the cause of a person’s death. The blood donation shall not be limited to a particular society, area, individual or a hospital rather everyone shall put a little in saving the lives of several people who lose their lives just because they lack the blood and do not find it in case of emergency.

An individual of 18 and above is eligible of donating the blood; we arrange multiple blood donation camps in several areas to gather blood that could save on the life of many people. With the help of these camps we also make the people aware of how they could help us in saving the lives of many individuals. Your blood is something that you need not to buy with money; rather you get it back in a very less time. But this can certainly save the human lives Free Study Material distribution: At Relief India Trust, we also distribute free books and study materials to those who are not financially strong to afford the books.